what I am doing in my Inquiry project

Where I am in my research- I am done researching, except for researching on how to help these whales.

Where I hope to be at 3:00- Half-way through writing on methods of how to save the whales

Where I really am in my work- Made a poster, wrote down how the right whales got their name, wrote down what some common causes of deaths for these whales are, their history, and started writing down to prevent these whales deaths.

My Inquiry 2 Project

The Inquiry project is about saving the whales.  The Northern Atlantic Right Whales to be precise.  And my question is: Why are the northern right whales going extinct, and what can we do to save them?  So far, I have gone to multiple websites, extracted info from each of them, and put the info into my own words.  I have also started making a poster for my web page presentation.  I also have changed the big hunk of information that I had in to multiple paragraphs.  Some big, some small.  so far, It looks like a might finish next week, but you can’t be to sure about that.


Today, I got one of my poster’s finished!  I drew blue coral, green coral, and yellow coral!  I also put text at the bottom of the screen, and some more right above that too.  It may not sound very hard.  That’s because it wasn’t.  It took a while though.  The one last thing that I did was add too my written-down piece of work. End of the school day!

Oct. scavenger hunt

Learning to cite somebody- Scavenger hunt


BY-When you add something new, you must add it the way that the author/licensor tells you to.

NC- You are not allowed to use creative commons to advertise or sell.

SA-  If you change anybody’s work, make sure that they still get credit for the photo.

Link to picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robbrucker/407842334/lightbox/






The answer to “Am I free to copy facts and Ideas?” is:

Yes, as long as you let your viewers see that you didn’t think

up the fact or idea that you copied, and give the fact or idea’s

maker credit for what you copied.

Inquiry 1- peer observations

1)        Feedback

a)       What was the best suggestion or feedback that you got from classmates that commented in the forum?  The best suggestion(s) was to decrease the amount of text in the screens.

Who posted the comment? Bailey, Owen, Elijah, Allanah, and more


b)      Was the feedback useful? Why or why not? Yes, it would remind me, Jay, and Aaron to use less words per slides in the future.

2)       Reflection

a)     What is a key thing that you learned about inquiry learning? (the process of your inquiry)  that it is fun ’cause you can  have fun with friends while working.  you also can do stuff that you usually can’t do for projects.

b)      What do you need help with in order to improve?  How I spend my time, or what I spend my time on.