ISearch2015 Assignment

The detail that I chose for this assignment was the gold in Dracula’s room-

“The only thing I found was a great heap of gold in one corner—gold of all kinds, Roman, and British, and Austrian, and Hungarian, and Greek and Turkish money, covered with a film of dust, as though it had lain long in the ground. None of it that I noticed was less than three hundred years old. There were also chains and ornaments, some jeweled, but all of them old and stained.”

I feel like this part of the book can have an impact on the rest of the book, like after that, I went from seeing Dracula as a rich guy to a really rich guy.  I feel like this also shows that Dracula actually was in those battles that he was talking to Jonathan  about, as it would seem that he got a share of the loot when he won.

“In his speaking of things and people, and especially of battles, he spoke as if he had been present at them all.”

I also think that he may have more gold in the other locked rooms, and probably even some gold from Transylvania because I found out that Transylvania was very rich with minerals like gold (Click here to find out more).  I feel like Bram Stoker (the author of Dracula) put the pile of gold in to add to his feel of mysteriousness and superiority, because you never know how he got it for sure.  I do not think that the pile of gold plays a significant role in the story, but it sure adds to it.

Other than for adding to the character of Dracula, I do not feel like these coins add to the story very much. (Speaking of coins)


Ever since I read about the coins in the book, I thought that It was a peculiar detail to put in, but after a while of thinking about it, I realized that this detail adds to the book secretly, so you don’t notice it at first, but if you analyze it, you can see how. I tried to look up where the treasure came from or any other details that I should know about, but I could find little.