I was playing dodgeball today with Nolan, Lyle, Bailie, Josh, Travis, Kendra, and Jay.  Half-way through, I slid to avoid the ball, and one of the buttons in my jeans dug into my leg.  Of course, that hurt a lot, but I ignored it, and after a while, It got worse. I decided to look at my wound, and sure enough, it was bleeding.  After another while, I slid on that side and this time, it hurt a lot more.  I decided to go see if it got any worse, so I went to the bathroom to look at it, and sure enough, it was worse.  Dark blood.  staining the inside of my jeans crimson.  I covered it with a paper towel and hoped it would do the trick. then I went back to dodgeball.

One thought on “Dodgeball

  1. Ha-ha sounds like you had your head in the game! Just so you know, I made a reference to you in my last Blog’n’share post 🙂

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