I was playing dodgeball today with Nolan, Lyle, Bailie, Josh, Travis, Kendra, and Jay.  Half-way through, I slid to avoid the ball, and one of the buttons in my jeans dug into my leg.  Of course, that hurt a lot, but I ignored it, and after a while, It got worse. I decided to look at my wound, and sure enough, it was bleeding.  After another while, I slid on that side and this time, it hurt a lot more.  I decided to go see if it got any worse, so I went to the bathroom to look at it, and sure enough, it was worse.  Dark blood.  staining the inside of my jeans crimson.  I covered it with a paper towel and hoped it would do the trick. then I went back to dodgeball.

Science 10 Biology board game

Me and Jay finished our biology board game! Jay mostly was the one working on it today though, because I was working on my math most of this morning.

turn order:

1: roll the dice, and if the dice lands on a one, pick up a disaster card (playable anytime on your turn), but if it doesn’t land on a one, pick up two cards from stack one, or an animal card.

2: playing cards- you may play up to three cards on your turn, including disaster cards. in order to play down your animal cards, you must have the proper temperature range, precipitation range, and tree amounts. the biome of the animal is on the top of the card, however, if the animal is a predator, it can only live in biomes that its prey is in.

Manga IDS

So, my IDS storyboard went missing, so I had to try and make the same thing from memory, and then I found my old storyboard.  the stories on them were close to the same thing, but not completely the same, and there is some pages missing from my old storyboard, so I am going to have to start page two all up again.  other than that, my IDS is going fine, but I still haven’t worked on it in a while.