Inquiry 4

Me and Jay are currently working on our latest project, “How can we create a simple device that responds to input?” we are doing circuits that do different things, there are thirteen circuits, and we have already done 10. hoping to finish the rest of the circuits by the end of the day today.

December the 14th

The last day of the school week!  Tomorrow is my birthday party, which isn’t my real birthday, but I leave the day before my birthday(the 20 is the day that I leave).  It’s kind of weird that my birthday is supposed to be the end of the world.

Oct. scavenger hunt

Learning to cite somebody- Scavenger hunt


BY-When you add something new, you must add it the way that the author/licensor tells you to.

NC- You are not allowed to use creative commons to advertise or sell.

SA-  If you change anybody’s work, make sure that they still get credit for the photo.

Link to picture:






The answer to “Am I free to copy facts and Ideas?” is:

Yes, as long as you let your viewers see that you didn’t think

up the fact or idea that you copied, and give the fact or idea’s

maker credit for what you copied.