Manga IDS

So, my IDS storyboard went missing, so I had to try and make the same thing from memory, and then I found my old storyboard.  the stories on them were close to the same thing, but not completely the same, and there is some pages missing from my old storyboard, so I am going to have to start page two all up again.  other than that, my IDS is going fine, but I still haven’t worked on it in a while.


IDS storyboard

OK, the storyboard is taking longer than I first though it would.  I am going to dedicate most of my afternoons on my storyboard from now on.  I still have to actually draw the story out too.  My schedule is starting to fall apart, but i’m doing all i can to keep it together.

IDS Storyboard

So, I managed to finish all of my IDS work except for my storyboard and my actual manga novel.  Right now I am just working on my Storyboard, but I intend to try and finish it this weekend, and then I will work on my story. I don’t want to give anything away about it, so I won’t tell you what it is about just yet.

IDS update 1

What I have done so far is practice a couple of different types of eye shapes, and I have also practiced drawing practice heads. Today I am going to start practicing shading and maybe if I have the time, I could practice scenery.