Science and tech blog post #1

What Companies within Canada contribute to space exploration, and how?

Canada Space Agency-

This company researches and builds things for space travel and related operations


Neptec develops, produces, integrates, operates and supports intelligent spaceflight sensors, payloads, instruments and equipment.

L-3 MAPPs-

Uses simulation to design and train operators and maintainers of robotic systems, space vehicles, and

From satellites to manned space vehicles, this powerful simulation environment provides you with all the tools you need to simulate the complete end-to-end system.

Self-paced simulation-based eLearning applied to Space Simulation.

MPB Communications-

“MPB’s Space and Photonics Division was born in the early ‘90’s with the development of a number of experimental payloads created under contract to CSA and ESA. These early systems where flown on KC-135s, on space shuttles, on the Black Brant Rocket, and one, the Microgravity Isolation Mount, became a permanent facility on the MIR Space Station.

On the ground, building upon technologies developed by MPB’s Electromagnetics, Telerobotics, Communications, and Laser Divisions, the Space and Photonics group secured an edge in new frontier innovations. Visible Fiber Lasers are adapted for Artificial Star programs; Fiber Bragg Gratings became an integral part of the first all-optical fiber system on a satellite; technology acquired during the development of the Maglev Hand Controller in the Telerobotics Division became a fundamental component of the Microgravity Isolation Mount.

Continued associations with Universities, industries and Government agencies, have MPB now involved in Smart Thermal Radiators, Self-Healing Coatings, adaptable microRovers, and other futuristic photonics devices, with applications ranging from Satellite earth observation to the planetary exploration of Mars.” this is a segment from the official site found at:


Magellan Aerospace-

Magellan Aerospace designs and manufactures space and rocket systems. Magellan can develop rocket motors systems to suit custom applications or adjust an existing design to meet specific mission requirements. Their propellant plant develops, mixes, casts and cures rocket propellent.


Com Dev International-

COM DEV International Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of space hardware and systems.COM DEV produces space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems. also, they provide microsatellite mission solutions going from mission concept studies to launch and operations.


These are just some of the companies in Canada that contribute to space exploration.