Science 10 Biology board game

Me and Jay finished our biology board game! Jay mostly was the one working on it today though, because I was working on my math most of this morning.

turn order:

1: roll the dice, and if the dice lands on a one, pick up a disaster card (playable anytime on your turn), but if it doesn’t land on a one, pick up two cards from stack one, or an animal card.

2: playing cards- you may play up to three cards on your turn, including disaster cards. in order to play down your animal cards, you must have the proper temperature range, precipitation range, and tree amounts. the biome of the animal is on the top of the card, however, if the animal is a predator, it can only live in biomes that its prey is in.

Manga IDS

So, my IDS storyboard went missing, so I had to try and make the same thing from memory, and then I found my old storyboard.  the stories on them were close to the same thing, but not completely the same, and there is some pages missing from my old storyboard, so I am going to have to start page two all up again.  other than that, my IDS is going fine, but I still haven’t worked on it in a while.


IDS storyboard

OK, the storyboard is taking longer than I first though it would.  I am going to dedicate most of my afternoons on my storyboard from now on.  I still have to actually draw the story out too.  My schedule is starting to fall apart, but i’m doing all i can to keep it together.

IDS Storyboard

So, I managed to finish all of my IDS work except for my storyboard and my actual manga novel.  Right now I am just working on my Storyboard, but I intend to try and finish it this weekend, and then I will work on my story. I don’t want to give anything away about it, so I won’t tell you what it is about just yet.

Could you be friends with a protagonist of your novel?

Yes, I think that i could be friends with Nobody.

-I think that I could be friends with Nobody, because humans have a need for company, and Nobody does not know anybody that is alive, so he would be desperate to find someone alive to be friends with; but, I think another possibility would be that Nobody would be more comfortable if he just stayed friends with the ghosts, because he doesn’t know how to talk to the living after living with the dead for so long.

-At one part in the book, Nobody gets a living friend, so I think that I could be a friend with him, because the friend that he picks up seems to be more hard to be with than I think that i would be. In the end though,  I think that Nobody and his friend kind of break up, so I am starting to wonder what would happen if me and Nobody were friends, and I also am starting to wonder how he would react to high school, and how he would mature, because he seems pretty serious most of the time, and he is only middle school- elementary school age.

-He seems like a  good guy, and I think that he would be a really good friend, it seems like we would like the same things, and I think that we would get along easily.  He seems like he would be fun to be around from the book, and at the start of his friendship with Scarlett, he was pretty happy and they were getting along great.

I think that Nobody would be a great friend, except for a few things like the fact that he’s been living with the dead for a while, but other than that, I think that we would get along fine.


IDS update 1

What I have done so far is practice a couple of different types of eye shapes, and I have also practiced drawing practice heads. Today I am going to start practicing shading and maybe if I have the time, I could practice scenery.

Inquiry 4

Me and Jay are currently working on our latest project, “How can we create a simple device that responds to input?” we are doing circuits that do different things, there are thirteen circuits, and we have already done 10. hoping to finish the rest of the circuits by the end of the day today.

December the 14th

The last day of the school week!  Tomorrow is my birthday party, which isn’t my real birthday, but I leave the day before my birthday(the 20 is the day that I leave).  It’s kind of weird that my birthday is supposed to be the end of the world.