My Inquiry 2 Project

The Inquiry project is about saving the whales.  The Northern Atlantic Right Whales to be precise.  And my question is: Why are the northern right whales going extinct, and what can we do to save them?  So far, I have gone to multiple websites, extracted info from each of them, and put the info into my own words.  I have also started making a poster for my web page presentation.  I also have changed the big hunk of information that I had in to multiple paragraphs.  Some big, some small.  so far, It looks like a might finish next week, but you can’t be to sure about that.


Today, I got one of my poster’s finished!  I drew blue coral, green coral, and yellow coral!  I also put text at the bottom of the screen, and some more right above that too.  It may not sound very hard.  That’s because it wasn’t.  It took a while though.  The one last thing that I did was add too my written-down piece of work. End of the school day!

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