Now, I know that the name is weird, but they are the best toys in the  world!  They’re magnets by the way.  They are small, rare-earth Magnets.  Now, you may be asking, what’s so fun about magnets?  WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?  with buckyballs, you can make almost infinite designs and shapes.  here’s a couple of examples-

As you might be able to see, they can come in different colors. SO COOL.  Right now I’m wearing a necklace made out of them. My own design!  Here’s how to make it- Bend six buckyballs into a ring, and do this 15 times.  Then, once you do that, stack them like so that there is minimal gap in between them.  then, use your remaining buckyballs and thread them through the center of the cylinder. Then, connect the ends of the buckyball string, and you have your necklace! I do not know where to find them anymore, because the place where i got them from, www.thinkgeek.com, recalled them. Have fun!

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